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Pork loin

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I will be smoking 2 6lb pork loins that I will use to make a pork green chili to smother breakfast burritos while camping this weekend. to make the chili I need to make a gravy using the juice from the pork would I be ok to just put a pan under the pork loins in the smoker to catch any juices and use that as my broth or would I be better off putting the loin in individual pans. I just don't want to affect the amount of smoke the loins absorb? Any help is very appreciated!
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Loins are very lean. There may not be much in the way of Drippings unless it is " Enhanced "  by the packer. Some brands are injected with a liquid and salt to enhance tenderness, retain moisture and run the weight up for higher profit. You can always take a 1/2" slice or two and put that in the Drip Pan with a couple cups of water or chicken broth. This will make a pork flavored smokey broth and guarantee the liquid you want for the Chili...JJ

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