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Navy Retirement Beef Brisket

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One of my best friends from my Navy days has completed his career and we decided to throw him a little bbq celebration.


Rubbed down and Prepped


First check 3 hours in....


Still first check....


Still first check.....


Second check.....


Second check.....145F.....time to wrap......


Finished and resting.....


Everything resting.....


Did some beer butt chicken too.....


First slice.....


18.5 lbs of sliced brisket....


Overall it was a really good smoke.  We had about 10 different sides and a lot of full stomachs.

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I need to find better I retired from the Navy all my friends did is took me out and got me drunk...wasn't real hard...I was a pretty willing participant.  If I would have got what you just put on... I would have gotten into smoking back then instead of a few years ago, because I am positive your spread taste as good as it looks.  Tell your friend...welcome to the Porch Monkey club checks show up the first on every month, now instead of just siting on the porch waiting can sit by your smoker and more fun

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Thanks for your service!  Looks amazing - great job!

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The brisket looks delicious!


Nice job!



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Awesome job shipmate! about starving here now....

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Tasty looking smoke!
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Points for yours and your buddies service, as well as all those that have served. points.gif

And another point for a awesome smoke.. don't know if I can give more than one point, but you deserve it. points.gif
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Come on.....that shipmate stuff is below the belt....LOL

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Thanks for the compliments everyone. 


Seeing an old friend and getting some good grub was the cap on a great weekend.

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I thought I posted on this yesterday,guess I mustn't have hit submit. Looks great and thanks for your service




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Wow, that brisket looks beautiful. Points for a good meal and for your service!!
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Originally Posted by THeelBallew View Post

Come on.....that shipmate stuff is below the belt....LOL

I know @THeelBallew just wanted to see what you would say! LOL

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I used to be in the Canadian navy. Can I get an invite to your next meal like this. Looks great!





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Sure, come on down. 


Grab some of my cousins in Ontario and bring them with you. 


Only condition is that you have to bring me a case of real Molson Canadian.  The Canadian version is better than what I can get here.  Also, if you grab some OV my Dad would be your new best friend.

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Very nice brisket! Love that smoke ring.


Sounds like a great time.


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