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Maverick 733 or 735

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Hi All How are these two holding up any probelms/concerns  about the two?.

I do have the 732 and like it alot.

Thanks Dan

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I have had the 733 four two years now, love it, have had no problem at all, in fact still on the same batteries I started out with...couldn't live without it.  A little confusing at first to program, but almost second nature now, don't even think about, can set in a few seconds.  Just remember to turn on the rec on first, then the transmitter syncs up in a few seconds.  I have gone out to my garage with the rec and it still works...garage is some 200 ft away on the far side of the house/patio area, works every where in the house, best thing I have ever got for smoker.

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I also have the 733 programming it is a pain in the tushy.

However it works very well, like GN said good distance,

it hooks up well.

I did find the probe cables to be a little short, bought another

set with six ft. cables.



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