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CHEAP Brisket

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Just throwing this out there for some input...


I came across some packer briskets at WalMart, yesterday. They were selling for about $1.98/lb. The thing that threw me for a loop was that they were labeled USDA PRIME. I haven't purchased a prime brisket before, I usually go with choice, but I thought that the prime ones were generally much more expensive. Were they priced wrong? Were they labeled incorrectly?




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Buy it NOW!


It has been mislabeled!!!



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Roger that, Al! I'll grab a few on the way home today. Gonna have to throw some of the wife's groceries out of the BB-Fridge in the garage. I keep telling her the BB stands for Booze and Barbeque, but she won't listen.

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Kicking myself in the backside pretty hard right about now... of course, they were all gone by the time I made it back. Lesson learned.

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