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First brisket on my new smoker.

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Got a 10lb brisket, looked good.
Shaved it down to a good fat cap, washed patted dry and left in the fridge over night.
630am smoker alight.
730 brisket on.
Ran steady at 230-260f all day with minamal wood.
Wrapped in parchment paper at about 12pm,
It was about 155 and stalling.
Unwrapped at 195f
I put it back on the smoker to rebark it, but my IT temps kept dropping. It levelled out at 185f
Couldn't really get the bark back, I think it was wrapped to tight.
I tented it for 1 hour or so.
It was really good but almost too tender as it was falling apart if you tried to cut it too fast.
Anyone else see the temp drop after unwrapping?

Finished in first pic.

View of point end.
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Nice smoke ring on that Good Job


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Real nice ring!! That plate looks delicious!

Nice job.

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Looks delicious!


Great job!



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