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BBQ London broil?

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Was at the supermarket hunting down todays dinner. Nothing fancy. Came across this piece of beef marked London Broil. Now most of the ones I get are thinner and ment for the broiler. This one is just close to 3in thick. So I put a rub on it. Let it sit in the fridge for about an hour. Put it on my Weber and cooked it for a few on the coals then moved it to the other side with no coals under it and let it go the rest of the way till done. Also put on 2 potatoes at the same time. Nearing the end I put on some mushrooms to go with it. Added BBQ sauce to the meat last 15 minutes. Opps almost forgot, I used Mesquite the first 45 minutes. Turned out ok. Nice flavor. Little on the well done side. I would have made it moo done "bloody". But my girlfriend don't like it that way. So. Overcooked it was.
After the grill.
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I bought a few yesterday as they were on sale. I know I've grilled them in the past but I'm wondering how they would be smoked....
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