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Sorry for your loss, Adam. However, it sounds like you have great memories to sustain you. A great smoke for a great tribute.



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Really sorry to hear of your loss. No one but you has the memories you forged with your father over the years, and those memories are bittersweet - priceless. Others that have experienced loss can relate, but each of our experiences are truly unique.

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Thanks everyone. It has been different but every time I place something on any of my smokers it's really nice knowing he got me into this.

Best memory I have was when we had a whole chicken cook off up north at the cabin. He used his rub and I used mine. Mine had cinnamon in it and my wife and him thought I was nuts. The only ones who knew who chicken was whose were us and let me tell you when everyone except my wife liked mine he wasn't to happy. Exact words were How does cinnamon tie into chicken and you all don't know good flavor! My wife voted for his chicken though... I said that was a pity vote so I didn't get a clear sweep.

Again now that I got a phone that's not waterlogged I'll be posting all my smokes and following closers.

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