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To Smokey

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I have been doing back ribs in my Masterbuilt Smoker, but my wife feels they taste too smokey, and I agree to a point, doing the 321 method usually, Any suggestions? Am I just smoking too much??

Thanks in advance.

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What wood are you using ? green or seasoned ?


If you are starting out with charcoal maybe only add a couple of chunks    Take us through your whole process



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I am just using hickory or Applewood chips, don't believe they are seasoned, three hours at approx 225 degrees and pretty much keep the smoke going, two hours in foil with no smoke, the last hour with smoke again out of foil.


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That's a long smoke for baby backs. Have you noticed them being dry or overdone? Try smoke on them for just two hours. Then you can foil or not. I personally don't use foil. When you get a bend on your ribs and then finish, sauce or glaze them the way that you like, but no more smoke.

This is basically the way that I do my baby backs and they're never over smoked or overdone.
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