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Smoked Pork Belly

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Has anyone here smoked pork belly before? I searched all the forums for 'belly' to no avail.

I saw this photo on Twitter, but did not include a recipe.

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Search "pork belly", and you'll find plenty.
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I can't link,not smart enough but a search for smoked pork belly pulls up a nice amount of posts here on SMF. I did one smoked around 225-250 seasoned like a pork butt then I finished it ,on our gas grill to get more fat out of it. If you get a good meaty belly it's tasty.
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The BBQpitboys have a good video online as well!
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I roasted fresh belly. Smoke will add another level of flavour (better). I liked it but from my experience: most folks don't like the fat texture. Unlike bacon a lot of fat is not rendered.
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I did one recently and like ribs...3-2-1 method, turned out really good. Also, finished a portion of it by grilling it..even better. 

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