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New to the smoking world

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I've just bought myself one the cheaper smokers due to budget from home Depot
I've been on here many time to read about modifications and such for it. I have only done a one thing so far and am cooking on it for the first time today. I seasoned it yesterday and it seems to be holding up good so far. I've got a button and I'll be putting a rack of ribs on later.
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Hello and welcome to you.

Congratulations on that new smoker.

I hope you had good luck and a good time today.

Pictures of your smokes are good things.



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Yes it went great the ribs and but turned out great ![IMG]
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Welcome! That rig looks like she'll do just fine. Seems like most of them need to be tweaked in one way or another. Chow looks great! Lots of good people and good info on the site...Happy Smokin'!
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Welcome to SMF!


Check out the newsletter...its weekly recipe in our email to try on your smoker if you are so inclined.


Welcome to a great hobby too!


Food looks delicious!


Happy Smoking,

phatbac (Aaron)

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Glad to have you aboard!



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Jarhead yeah for the price it did better than expected. The o ly thing I've done so far was I added a 3 dollar latch to hold the lid down tight. I used my own digital thermometer bc I've heard the factory once don't work right and this one didnt. It was off about 75 degrees .
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