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Well, i did the marathon BUTS last weekend, 8 total in 2 days. About 75lbs of pork prior to smoking. Did my usual prep and smoke period, then changed it up. Put 2 butts in a foal pan, added a half of a beer and covered them up. Opened all the vents on the WSM for the last few hours. Brought them in after 13 hours and saved all the juice. Pulled the butts and refrigerated until the party. Scraped off the fat from the juice, warmed it up and added it back to the pulled pork in a roaster. People attacked that butt in epic fashion, so much that a friend asked me to supply their party with the same pork. I have another 4 on the WSM now. These grad parties are not good for the wasteline....



Sorry, forgot to take pics of the full trough. I will grab a pic today.

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4 butts done!


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Good looking PP!


Nice job!