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New from Austin

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Hi I am Michael.  I work in the energy industry in Austin TX.  I have the chance to eat great bbq in Austin and try all different types.


I currently own a Hasty Bake Legacy, Weber E-310 and soon to own a Spitt's and Pitt's pellet grill.  I used to own a Grand Hall/Cafe gas smoker and a 22" WSM, but gave and sold them, respectively.  Can't wait to get the S&P delivered and meat on it.


I have no tried Franklin's, but have tried just about every other BBQ joint in town.  Currently Freedmen's in the West Campus area of town is my favorite, then Micklethwait and Stiles Switch.  Out side of Austin I'm partial to Kreuz.

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Welcome to the forum Michael!  Can't wait to see that smoker in action.



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Welcome! Great to have you! Is Kreuz the one in an old gas station? I was visiting a friend in Austin last year and went to a joint in an old gas station that was awesome!
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Welcome to the forum!


Glad to have you aboard!



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