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Coffee Brisket

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Wife went to the coast last weekend to spend time with her sisters. I usually wait for opportunities like this as she has asthma and do not smoke around her.

Cut brisket in half so I could fit in the MES. Placed both halves in aluminum pans with fat side up. The fat melted into liquid and served to keep the brisket very moist in its own juices.

Swabbed the pieces with honey before applying rub. Used my basic rub of Brown Sugar, Salt, Pepper and Coffee. Had two internal thermometers which proved a life safer as the point hit 200 degrees in about 5 1/2 hours but the flat stalled and took 14 hours. Finally pulled at 196 degrees. great looking bark.

I used Oak pellets combined with Mesquite chips. Found I could use the pellets by also burning the Mesquite which was hot enough to ignite the pellets properly. Also left the chip tube out a couple of inches for more air flow.

Rested the meat a couple of hours then placed in fridge to cut the next day.

Came out great and ate like butter.

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Sounds tasty, but where's the proof?????
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