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Morton Sugar Cure

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My mom gave me a book that my grandfather used.  In it it mentioned Morton Sugar cure.  I looked at our local grocery store and didn't see any.  I am not sure I would need it, just curious if it is still used or available.  I use a Canadian Bacon recipe from someone on this site, can't remember the name sorry.  But that uses Morton Tender Quick and brown sugar.  wondering if the BS replaces the sugar cure.

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Morning...  The USDA has done some serious testing since that booklet was printed... If you want to cure using Morton products, may I suggest you order a new Morton's booklet... Amounts of cure used have been lowered to effective levels without over curing.. 

Using cure #1 and it's namesakes is the commercially acceptable product to use for curing...  the amount of salt you can use is much more flexible...  and with cure #1 you are not adding nitrates to your food...


The Canadian Bacon recipe was probably from Bearcarver....

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Thanks, I noticed that the amounts used were a considerably higher.  It was more of just a curiosity question than anything. 

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