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White sure cure powder

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I recieved a bag from a butcher. He said it was sure cure and said he used it for making peamesl bacon. He said it was pure cure and nothing else. Can anyone tell me how to use this. Anounrs per pound etx. Thanks
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If it's "pure cure"....  That could mean it's "pure sodium nitrite"...  or it's the Canadian Sure Cure which could be 1% nitrite or 6.25% nitrite... 


 I've googled and can't find "white sure cure" so I don't know what level of nitrite it has in it.....


Canadian Ready Cure is 1% nitrite.....



Walton's has Pink Sure Cure which is 6.25% nitrite...



Pink Sure Cure Bulk 50 lb Box


Compares to other pink "basic" cures. Great for all types of cured products. Use 1 oz for 25 lb of meat.
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