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Sous Vide "Tomahawk" ribeye

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A while back there were discussions regarding Sous Vide. For most pricey steaks I turn to Sous Vide as smoke flavor is not the number one attribute I look for. Yes, smoke aroma and flavor can be added


This 2+ lb steak was Sous Vide about 5 hours at 132 f. Then seared over very hot coals about 3” away (my 30 year old kettle has charcoal grate lift handles, a big bug for me that Weber hasn’t figured that out).


Note, despite the good crust and char there is just a tiny start of a grey ring and it was not tough. The meat looks rare but it is low on the medium rare scale meaning no blood for my wife yet full flavor and juicy as a rare steak.


If you want to add smoke aroma and flavor I recommend two grills: one set for a cold smoke at 90-120 degrees so not to cook the meat. Some moisture will escape but the meat will not be “squeezing” at a lower temp than cooked at. I recommend a robust smoking wood.


Then sear on the other grill or have good coals ready to add quickly after the smoke.


A downfall is that the steak will seem “cold”.  However, the steak cold from the fridge the next days will be salad tender and pink. Wonderful.


Sous Vide hints:


·         Use less than normal salt as the salt will stay in the bag

·         Salt a day in advance or at least 45 minutes prior to cooking.

·         Do not oil or butter the meat before cooking especially if using herbs or other flavors (the oil will not penetrate and simply wash away with the escaping juices carrying away any flavors added

·         Place herbs, dry rub (no salt) directly on the meat. The flavor and aroma is wonderfully absorbed during the Sous vide Cooking

·         Careful with pepper as that too stays in the bag (especially if going to make a jus)

·         Pour the bag juices into a pan and reduce to make a jus (for a great jus pan sear and keep the steak warm after searing and making jus


Dry meat off before searing or it will not sear.


No resting is needed.






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Looks delicious!



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