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MES still use or no?

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I left my smoker to my dad for a couple years well come to find out he used it a couple times then didn't for 2 years and never cleaned it. Well I just cleaned it and this is what it looks like. It was really dirty and of course there was mold on the racks. It was covered so it didn't get rained on or anything. I could just be paranoid but just want to make sure

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Do the electronics work...   if so, turn it on at 275 for a few hours and sterilize it....    then condition it with some wood chips or sawdust or what ever smoke device you have....   then smoke something to eat...

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I've seen a lot worst.  As Dave said, fire it up as a test run.

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I agree with the above!



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Do as Dave Suggested and use it!        Jted

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Yes.  Crank it, don't spank it.  The heat will set you free.

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Looks Great !!


Do what Dave said, and check it out.

You got it a lot cleaner than most, and it's a Generation #1, which is a Good Unit !!!




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Thanks guys.. got it going now amd it's up and running. I had already went out and bought another MES months ago so now I got two for large family events ... Smoke on!!
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