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Does TQ really need 24hrs?

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I have a SS recipe I really like and have used lots in the past that I need to make for this weekend. It uses TQ for the curing phase. My question is do I need to let the mix set in the refer over night? I always have in the past but I am kind of in a time crunch. It would be cool if a couple of hours would work and I could hit the smoker tonight.


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Ground Meat has tiny pices with lots of surface area. Salt and cure penetrates in minutes, for sure in an hour or two. Grind, season , stuff and smoke all in one day is no problem at all. Butcher Shops and commercial processors do it all the time. Look at videos on how Hot Dogs are made. Raw chunks of meat go in one end of the line and the Smoker/Cooker/Chiller. is at the other end of the line. Start to finish, an hour or so...JJ

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Thanks jimmy, I just didn't know if the nitrite/nitrate needed time to change chemically to become safe for consumption or it'll a few hours and smoke/temp would be ok.
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Chemically the Cure stays unchanged for several days or even weeks, until heated then it breaks down to lower levels. The main reason for use is killing some nasty bacteria. This is instantaneous. The rosey color change and associated flavor of Nitrite/Nitrate Cure is a nice secondary effect that takes longer depending on grind or cut size...JJ

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