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Greetings from Colorado

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Where to start...


I've been smoking simple meats for a number of years in a variety of electric and charcoal smokers.  Currently I use a electric vertical that I've just outgrown.  Since the dear wife gave me permission to buy a new smoker and indicated she'd be mad if I didn't, I of course answered as any self-respecting guy would do.  I said, "yes, ma'am". 


Wanting an offset smoker for years meant that I had to order one and why not just go all the way?


A Yoder Durango 20 Loaded is on order with expected arrival in August. 


Talk about a learning curve coming my way, but I guess the family and friends will just have to suffer the weight gain consequences!!


A short bit about me:  I'm a Texan boy who moved to Colorado and never looked back.  Just took me 30+ years to get here with a longish stay at Texas A&M a couple decades ago. 


Brisket, pork and chicken have been my mainstays but I'm looking forward to fish, cheeses, wild game, sausages, hams, and more with this cooker. 


More to come I'm sure.




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Welcome to SMF!  Congrats on the new smoker!  Waiting till August sucks.



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Welcome to the forum!


Looking forward to seeing the new Yoder in action!



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