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Roast Beef

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So Father's Day decided to fill up the ol Smoke Vault, row two being a top sirloin destined for the Cabelas slicer

On the smoker after resting last night with a rub down of A-1 and some "KC" type rub mix. In the morning just a light dusting of SPG type rub. Placed in 225-250 degree smoker using gift hickory from a friend in Ohio and some pecan picked up by a friend in AZ. Light smoke for about five and a half hour to an internal temp of 138 degrees Fahrenheit.
Finished product

And all sliced up for sammiches, cut in half, rested in fridge overnight and put in freezer for 1/2 hour to facilitate slicing. Got a new Cabelas slicer that did quite a good job.

Tasty sandwiches made and many to follow.
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Looks tasty,I'll take a sammie or two!
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Stop on by, bring some good Michigan apple and cherry wood with you. Thanks for the comments
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Yes Sir!


It looks delicious!



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