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Is this smoker/grill any good?

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Ok this is my third time posting this, not sure why the first two didnt show up, but I am in the market for a new smoker.  It will be my first smoker that I own.  I have only used the WSM before, but Im not a HUGE fan of them as it limits space and theres alot of smoke leakage.  I recently entered this contest at as i figured it would be a worthwhile stab at getting a free smoker before paying for one myself.  My question is:  Is this smoker any good?  It would be great to win it, and I like the looks of it if I dont win it, but should I buy it if I dont win?  Does anyone have experience with it?


Let me know, thanks!

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In my opinion, it's only a fair smoker, but it's better than none and free ain't bad. We would need to know how much you want to spend, what fuel you like, how many folks you usually cook for, do you like to be really involved or set it and forget it. These issues will help us to know what smoker would work best for you.

Give us some insight and we will be glad to offer some suggestions. Good luck, Joe
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Hi Joe,


Thanks for your help.  Im looking to spend around $200-300.  I want a charcoal smoker, i like the challenge in it and the involvement it takes to keep temps right, smoke goin, etc.  Cooking for anywhere between 2-20 depening on the occasion, but I want to be able to do full racks of ribs, which takes some size, right?  I was originally looking at the Dyna-Glo offset smokers, but from what I read they arent made of the best materials.

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Sorry to say, that Smoker is more aggravation than it's worth. Free would be ok but frankly, there are better ways to spend $200. You think a WSM leaks...That Offset is a SIEVE compared to a WSM. I am a little surprised you didn't care for the WSM as it is considered the Best Charcoal Smoker to be had under $400. There are a ton of award winning Competition Teams that use nothing else and a 22" will fit Full Racks of Ribs and Packer Briskets with ease...


You want challege and involvement managing temp? Get that offset...But, warn your family to expect a whole new vocabulary and volume of Cussing than they have ever heard from you before. :biggrin: Been there...JJ 

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Thanks for the heads up!  Ill do some more research on the WSM 22inch.  


Thanks guys!

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To expand a little on Chef Jimmy's comments; I wonder if the WSM you used was new? They do leak at first but once they are well seasoned they're pretty tight.
And yes I am bragging, we won 1st place brisket at the Eureka BBQ Bash last weekend cooking it on a 22" WSM. Good food is good food regardless of whether its cooked on a $400 WSM or a $14000 Jambo
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Hi, just wanted to chime in on the Dyna Glo vertical. There is a thread with several owners talking about it and it seems they are quite happy with it's performance.  I have the smaller one but there is a wide one that can hold whole racks of ribs. The wide body comes with a rib rack for standing them on their side while smoking.  Both models are priced in your budget.

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