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First Brisket

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Smoked my 1st brisket on my MES 30 yesterday for Fathers Day. It was a 4 Lb flat I started at 5 AM. 225 with a full AMAZIN tray of apple pellets rubbed with Jeff's Rub over a good coating of A1 Bold & Spicy.  At 165 I placed in a foil pan and covered tightly with foil with 6 ozs. of apple juice. Cooked to 200 and placed in a cooler till my 4 boys and daughter-n-laws came over. (about 2 hrs). Turned out super tender and moist

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Looks great! Haven't ventured a brisket since I violated my 1st one. Makes me want to try again. Thanks for sharing
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Nice job, looks good to me  I'll bet your'e hooked now      points1.png



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Looks great. One quick tip (if you haven't already noticed) be sure to slice against the grain. Looks like you slightly with the grain, or about 45*. Of course,with it being tender like yours, it it not as crucial but still....

If you can get a flat to turn out that nice you'll go nuts with a full packer. You may have to trim a tad off the flat end of a packer to fit, but it will be a nice smoke
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Yea, I forgot to check the grain direction before I started. Didn't really matter though cause it was sooo tender. Next time I'll check for sure and cut a corner off corresponding to the grain direction. 

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Nice job on the brisket!


It looks fantastic!



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Brisket looks great!
I fixed one yesterday myself,
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Nice job.....great looking brisket!!

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