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Question about burning wood during foil step.

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Hey guys and gals. New to the forum. Glad to be here.

I've searched high and low maybe I can't find the right keyword lol.

When holding a temperature in the OSS and the ribs are going into the foil. Can I burn any kind of wood during that 2 hour period as I'm not generally smoking. I've got some scrap 2x4s and such and some old firewood kicking around. Vs using my apple or cherry wood. The firewood very inexpensive to use where I live. Maybe even just use charcoal? Thoughts?
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I wouldn't burn 2x4 chunks. Alot of that stuff is treated with chemicals. Just my opinion
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Agreed...Most wood, not the Lumber, and charcoal would be ok. Just don't go crazy with Pine or resinous soft wood, as the tar will taint the smoker. A piece here and there should hot hurt...JJ

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When it's time to foil any meats you are smoking....  Move them into the kitchen oven...  easier heat control....   Then for the finish with sauce or what ever, you "can" move most stuff to the gas grill...   Chicken especially for crisp skin...  other meats to crisp up the bark....    That will save a lot of expensive wood....

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Just FYI there wood" be no pressure treated. Thanks for the input.
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Just because it's not pressure treated doesn't mean it hasn't been treated with other chemicals.
1) how its transported, especially by log raft in water absorbs any and all chemicals found in the water . Especially coastal lumber floated in salt water.
2) cut lumber is ran through saw blades that must be lubricated with oils.
3) kiln drying shrinks prevent shrinkage the wood is sprayed with other chemicals to "bulk" up the lumber before drying to offset the natural shrinkage that will occur during the drying process.
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I always use oak for cooking heat. I add flavor chunks for about the first 2 hours. I don't usually foil anything except butts, but I continue with the oak for the entire cook.
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