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First smoke ever this week!

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Hi all! Betty from NJ here. Just seasoned my smoke hollow electric smoker. Ready to get started. Pork shoulder 6 lbs will be my first attempt. How long will this take? I've read several times from 40mins per lb. to 10-12. Hours. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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Betty welcome to SMF!
I don't have a electric smoker. But what temp are you planning on smoking at?
Also are you planning on wrapping your shoulder?
Knowing that would help a little. Also some pieces of meat is different as far as cooking. Every once in awhile you get a stubborn one.
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I don't plan on wrapping the shoulder. From what I'm reading 225 or so for temp. Thank you!
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Glad to have you with us!


Figure 2 hours per pound at 225 for a ballpark time.


Cook to 205 IT for pulling.



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