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Picnic Shoulder MES 30

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Hey y'all,

This is my second attempt at a picnic shoulder and I must say, thanks to this forum it turned out amazingly!!

Day 1: Rub, wrap, rest

Day 2: Up at 4 am to start the MES 30 at 225*. I think I'll take it to 245 next time, this 8.4lb shoulder took 14 hours!! Scored the fat cap, put it fat up and let her rip with Apple wood.

I couldn't locate my cooler, so I foiled it and tossed into the oven for 90 mins to rest. It pulled like a dream!! Clean bone, easy pull.

Thanks for looking!
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Nice and clean. You had love it when you pulled it out. Looks pretty tasty there. Good eating I bet
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Looks great. The time is just right for a good bark.


Nice job!


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That's some killer looking PP!



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Thanks Al! Looking forward to trying your rib recipe this weekend!

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That looks great... I'm doing an 8# pork butt for a get together with former co-workers on Saturday. Hope it turns out as good as yours looks! 😊
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Trying a picnic shoulder this Saturday and was wondering about fat cap up or down for this. I assume the fat cap wont render down like traditional fat on a butt so i was confused as to the direction. I have injected with apple juice and plan on scoring the fat cap and applying brown sugar to the cap. Traditional rub for all else. 245 for the temp and let her go. Any advice is always appreciated. Happy smoking.
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