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Actually, it is Her smoker

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So, a while back the wife asked me if I was interested in a smoker. After all, both the son-n-laws have one, I guess it seemed I should too. I told her, No, I already have too much stuff i don't have time to use. But when her birthday came near, she said She wanted a smoker. As it turns out, a smoker for me to smoke stuff in for her. At this time, I am smoking the first batch of chicken breasts in her new smoker after reading a few posts on this forum, so thanks for the advice! Should be done in about 2 more hours. I think. 

BTW, she has a range master electric smoker, $99 on sale at Menards. It seems OK so far.  

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Welcome to the forum!  That is funny!  points1.png   Glad your wife took up smoking!



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Glad to have you with us!


Great story!



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Welcome from SC. It's good to have you here. Be sure your wife keeps HER smoker clean and well seasoned. And make sure she cuts and splits a lot of wood.
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