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I have 2 nice 1 inch bone out NY strip steaks to cook for Fathers Day


They are in the fridge with;



-Black Pepper

-Kosher Salt

-Fresh crushed Garlic

-and a little Rub


I am going to cook them in a BGE, at approx, 400-450 degrees 6 mins each side 1 turn. Can someone who does Steak regularly in a Kamado style let me know if that is wrong approach or any other watch outs please. I am pretty good at Butts, Ribs and Roasts just have not experimented with steak until now.

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6 min each side might not be a good plan. I don't have your type of cooker but if you can cook them indirect to close to your desired temp then sear for 1-2 min a side. That's called a reverse sear,it makes for a nice evenly cooked steak as well. I'm afraid if you leave the steak on one side that long it may burn.
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Hi b-one,

I am cooking on a big green egg so it's sorta like reverse sear depending on how much air you feed the charcoal.

Some pics to show you.

Getting ready then a pic of steaks as soon as I put me in
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Waiting and watching
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Looks tasty! Need a money shot!
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Mission accomplished!

NY Strip
Tater tots
Creamed spinach
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Toss the green stuff and slide it my way!drool.gif
How long did you cook per side and what temp were you cooking at?
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Oh man that looks good. I would start with the veggie just to get it out of the way then bites of tots with steak. Oh makes my mouth water.
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Between 400-500 @ 5-6 mins a side.
Took out the convection piece so steak was getting direct heat from the charcoal
Rested for about 10 mins

Worked out perfect.
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Good looking steaks!
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That's a meal fit for a king!


Nice job!



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I have an egg too.  Did you let the steak get to room temp prior to cooking on the egg?


Nice job!  Can't wait to try it.

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Thank you,

I definitely took it out of the fridge about 30 mins before, center of steak was likely colder than room temp.

But either way you prob could get a better sear with a cold steak.
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Got some more Strips to add

CUT 1 inch thick
Rubbed in EVOO sea salt and fresh cracked pepper

Grilling in 30 minutes

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Looks like enough for for me!biggrin.gif
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Came out perfect for me!

Med rare
Medium smoke flavor with the salt, garlic and pepper and a little Summer salad on the Side.

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Looks good
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Huray for New Yorks brother, Love em!


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