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fathers day smoke

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first of all i want to wish all the fathers out there a HAPPY FATHERS DAY.......

so i decided to smoke some dogs, chicken legs, and ribs

made a salt free rub to put on chicken and ribs it had

onion powder

garlic powder

roasted garlic

soul food seasoning









and here is the ribs, and by the way they are very tastee...........






thanks for looking and again,    HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL FATHERS OUT THERE.


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Nice cook!! Looks like you have a little something for everyone.
Happy Fathers Day to you.
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thanks hardcookin, and yes there was plenty for everyone.


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Glad to know I am not the only one smoking on Fathers Day . The wife had to work but asked if I wanted to take the day off cooking and go out when she was done . My response was since it was my day I would do what I love to do and tossed a brisket on this morning .  Don't know if my spread will look as good as yours but I can only hope !

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paul good luck with your smoke, briskets are very good smoked, do not think i ever smoked a bad one, some just better than others.


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Everything looks fantastic Danny!


Great job!



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thanks al, i was good. we had a great fathers day.


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Danny that looks great should have had some happy eaters there 


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thanks tropics, every thing is GOOD...


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Tasty looking smoke!
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thanks b-one, all you fellows out there should try a salt free seasoning, very good and seems to be better for you.


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Nice looking meal and I hope you had a great Father's day.



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