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Thank you to those that post

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I have been doing a lot of reading here over the last 2 months learning as much as someone can without doing. Last weekend my son's gave me an early father's day gift of a char broil 1280. We put it together and added the sealing and chimney mod I read about here. Did a nice burn to clean out the inside and today I am sitting back watching smoke come out of the chimney as it cooks the pork. Thanks to those that shared photos and advice. Happy Father's day.[IMG]
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Looks like a great start! Be sure to post the finished pictures! We love q view!
points.gif for taking the plunge and enjoying your first smoke!
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Good job Shawn, is that a pork loin you have in the picture?


Well want to have a plating and money shot you know.  :biggrin:

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It is a pork loin andshould have more photos tonight.
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Welcome from SC, Shawn. It looks like you're off to a great start.

Good luck and keep smokin', Joe.
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Pork loin came out nice.

Nice smoke ring for my first time.

Pork ribs were nice but I learned that I need a new rub for smoking as mine is to salty

A little smoked Mac and cheese. everyone loved this so it has been added to the recurring dinner side.
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Nice job Shawn!  points1.png  I love Jeff's rub, it's not too salty and it helps support the site!  Glad you're with us.



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Great job!
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Glad to have you with us!


That's some good looking Q!



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