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Father's Day Spares....A day early

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I have a buddy that's getting ready to deploy and with it being Father's Day weekend, I decided to have him over and throw some spares on the Lang.  I've been having horrible luck with spares recently (overcooking them) and wanted to correct that before I head to Germany in August.  So I trimmed them up St. Louis style, tweeked my pork rub (it's better than the original version I think) and threw them in at 225-250 with some pecan for 3 hrs, wrapped with some butter, brown sugar and honey for an hr, sauced them with my new bbq sauce and threw them back in for another 20 mins to get the sauce to set. These were by far the best ribs I've made to date and felt good to redeem myself. By the end of the night, both racks were completely gone.


All trimmed and rubbed


Threw in some ABT's (filled with cream cheese, sharp cheddar cheese, green onion and garlic)


Sauce is set, getting ready to come off. Got some dark spots on them from some of the ABT filling leaking on them, but they were still amazing!


All sliced up ready to eat. Had a great smoke ring and you can see the one from the top, they were bite through


Thanks for looking!

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Great looking smoke! Hope your buddy stays safe!
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Nice job!


Everything looks delicious!



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