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Maverick 733 & MES 40

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Got my new Maverick yesterday and did a butt overnight. There seems to be a 30 degree difference between the MES and Maverick (733 reads lower). Has anyone else experienced this?? Meat probe is only 3 degrees off. Probe is clipped right next to the meat.
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First to trust your Maverick probes, boil some water on the stove and put the probes in it with the tips of the probes off the bottom of the pan. Do not immerse the probes as you don't want to get the wire end wet. They should read close to 212°F depending on your elevation and water purity. Within 3 or 4 degrees is close enough to ignore for cooking.


Now for the MES, as I remember, the MES temperature probe is at about the third rack (from the top). Place your Maverick probe close to it and check again with either no food in the oven or the food well away from the probes. The butt you had in the oven is colder than the air in the oven and it will bias the probe reading colder.



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Thanks Steve! I will give that a shot after I pull the but out!!
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I own 2 mavericks. One dual probe one single. Both read 32 when in a glass ice water with ice. Both off a couple degrees when in boiling water. The one wired on my mes30 was only 1 degree off at the boiling water. I got a cheaper single probe True Temp that was right on both cold and hot water. Both mavericks are the Bluetooth type. I wonder if its just because of them being that style of units.
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