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last fridays smoked brisket

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 i cooked this 5.5lbs beef brisket in my new electric smoke hollow smoker and 235-250 from 4am til 1:30pm, up to 202 internal temp. overall i was happy with it, it wasnt real juicy, but i


didnt need a knife to cut it. i rubbed it with my own dry rub and smoked with mesquite chips. there was no smoke ring into the meat,but it had plenty of smoke flavor. overall i am happy with how it turned out and will be making many more things on the smoke hollow.

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Welcome to the forum!


Your brisket looks great!


You won't get a smoke ring with an electric smoker.



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Your brisket looks fantastic, I would definitely be proud of that one.


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Looks tasty,any other pics?drool.gif
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Beautiful brisket, Bro!



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