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Nick the new guy

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Just got a masterbuilt pro for Father's Day. I've been wanting to get into smoking for sometime now. Any advice for a new guy that knows absolutely nothing would be great!
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Welcome from the Finger Lakes of NY.




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Do you have probes to measure internal temp of meat? If not that is something to invest in!
- pork tenderloins are affordable and are an easy start for a shorter smoke time.
- bone in pork butt for a longer smoke, probably 18 hour commitment, to make delicious pulled pork!
- beef tenderloin is a good red meat to try for shorter smoke.
- whole chicken/beer can chicken!

Good luck, let us know if you have any questions, make sure to provide some details/pics too!

Remember we learn from pain and repetition, so don't be afraid to dive in, take notes, take mistakes in stride. When you nail it you'll be addicted!
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Thanks for all the advice and information! I attempted some chicken thighs and legs yesterday at a Father's Day cookout. I used hickory and SPOG for spice.
I was actually very suprised at how easy it was to keep a constant temp. For the roughly 1.5 hours that it took for the IT to reach around 170. I know that it really only needed to hit 165 or so but figured that the extra 5* would be a safe bet on my first try.
Great smoke taste and everyone complimented how it all turned out. My only gripe is that the skin was a bit rubbery. I also never saw the infamous "blue flame"...always a yellow flame. Also, my chips seemed to flare/burn up rather quickly.
Either way, my brother was so impressed that we are going to try a pork butt and do pulled pork next weekend....he's even buying the meat. I have a feeling that he too will have his own smoker soon.
Here's a pic from right before the chicken came out. I'm hooked!
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Glad to have you with us!


Looks like your off to a good start!



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Points for an awesome first smoke! Rubber skin is common when cooked at lower temps, most people will do chicken at 275 or higher to avoid that. Also leaving chicken uncovered in fridge for about an hour will dry skin and help....or do what I do and have my trusty Webber ready to crisp skin for last 10 min of smoke!

Good luck with pulled pork! It's so good and relatively easy/cheap to feed a lot of people. Be sure to give yourself time, 202 Internal temp (IT) can take a while ~18 hrs at 220 cooking temp. Also most people hit a stall at around 170 IT for an hour or more, if you want to rush through the stall wrap it in tin foil and crank up the heat. You loose bark on meat, but it works to shorten the wait!

Use finishing sauce! For pulled pork It makes a huge difference!
Here are the more popular sauce people here like:

Good luck! Keep us posted!
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