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My MES40 Element Flip Mod

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My element burned up at the connection so I figured I would try to flip it in the process. Here are my photos of the transformation.

Here is the burned up element.

After removing the chipbox I was left with this. I was hoping this would still work but the screw bracket was in the way so I removed it.

I inserted the element but now the prongs are pointed down so I let it lay down on the inside to make it easier to connect to the element. There was just enough room to get the prongs on.

This is where the first hiccup happened. The screws that came with the element didn't fit in the holes. So to my wife's annoyance the smoker stayed in the kitchen counter until the next day so I could get some stainless nuts,bolts, and washers to make it work.

Here is what it looks like after they were installed. And here is the final photo. I still need to cut down the chip tray holder and install it as my amnps holder. I will post that picture later this week.

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I like it... so I take it the prongs were pointed towards the vent hole originally ?? If so.. I can see the advantage of flipping.. puts element in the center...

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Great idea Mike.


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I think that will improve the smoked goodness, that comes from your smoker..... No doubt...  Nice fix....  I like it...

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Nice. You may start a whole new trend...JJ

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Thanks you guys. It wasn't very difficult and now I just need to add a piece of stainless over the element to block the drips.
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Nice job Mike!

I did this flip a few months ago with no issues.  If you break free the welds that hold the chip box support plate to the lower rails, you can then slide the support plate over to it's new location.

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Nice job!



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