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Fast cooking Brisket

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I've cooked many a brisket. I cooked a 12 pound packer a month ago, which smoked for 22 hours at 225. It was a beautiful success. Made burnt ends out of the point. So for Father's Day tomorrow I bought another 12 pounder and planned to eat at 1:00. So I figured I'd start it at noon today, and by 8 am it'd be done, I'd cube up the point for another 2 hours while the flat was in foil and towels in my cooler until 1 pm. My goodness this brisket wants to cook! It's been 5 and a half hours and it's it is 160. I well I suppose I'll be up late tending to burnt ends and reheating tomorrow.
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Thank goodness it slowed down. At 6 am it was 203*. I separated the point, cubed it up, cover with some sauce and put it back in the smoker. I wrapped the flat in foil and towels and put into a cooler. At 10:30 I turned the smoker down to 100 degrees, covered the burnt ends in foil and put the foil wrapped flat in with them. At 1:30 here's the results waiting to be devoured. Omg the burnt ends are the bomb and the brisket flat is amazing as well. Everyone's happy.

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That really looks fantastic Earl, funny how some cook like crazy and some take their own sweet time.


Glad everyone like it. Very nice. Points to you sir.


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Looks tasty,glad it all turned out!
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