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Hey from kansas

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Just started smoking food about a month ago and love it. I used to brew my own beer so I know all about being patient to get the results I want. 14 hours fir a pork shoulder....... totally worth it. I've got an ugly drum smoker I assembled and painted and that's it at the moment. I'd like to learn more about cold smoking too. I checked ou jeff philips book from the library and love it.[IMG]
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Hello and welcome, glad you found this great site.

That's a fine looking smoker you have there.

Bet it cooks good 'que too.

There is a huge amount of knowledge on here and lots

of good folks willing to share.

Remember pictures of your smokes are good things.




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Smokers are never ugly. They deliver such sweet food from them. Treat her good and she will always preform for you.
Glad your with us here. Welcome from Michigan.

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Glad to have you with us!


Good looking UDS!



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