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Smoking 2-4lb flat briskets

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I will be smoking brisket tomorrow for Father's Day, and this will be my first time trying brisket.  The brisket I bought was an 8 lb flat, but the butcher cut it into 24 lb pieces.  I plan to smoke at about 225 degrees, does that sound about right?  If that's the case, how long would you anticipate it would take?  After doing some research, I was thinking that I'd wrap it in foil when it hits about 150 degrees.  Any suggestions on times and process would be greatly appreciated!

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I am not a brisket expert, and I normally do a whole brisket (flat and tip) and not just the flat, but I normally wrap the brisket at the stall temp around 170F +/-.  


My last (whole) brisket was 48 minutes/pound for a 10.5 chunk-o-beef.  Your 4-pound pieces should go much quicker.

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Figure on 1 to 1.5 hour a pound at 250 degrees.  I found wrapping in butcher paper on the stall is best (160-180).  Then back on till it hits internal of 200, pull it off.  let it cool for 30mins and then put it in a roaster/oven/or cooler till the internal gets down to 145ish.  then serve it up.

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