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Temp problems.

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I'm smoking a 5 pound butt and havent had any issues at all until I noticed the temp of the butt dropping from 194 to 192. Any idea why it's going down? And before you all comment on how I should have pulled it at 190 or so, I always smoke mine to 203 before I pull it, just a personal preference. I've never had the temp in my meat go backwards.
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Not sure what you had going on there. Sounds kind of odd...
I pull my butts at 205 because most of the time they are getting used for pulled porked.
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Actually.. It's not unusual for temps to drop like that... it's happened a few times with me... go ahead and move your temp probe to a different place in the butt (making sure not to put it in a chunk of fat).... I know ya hate to poke holes all around it...but ... try doing the probe test (no resistance when sticking probe in)... 3 or 4 different spots... start doing this every 5` rise in IT (starting at 190` IT) .... you'll get the feeling of what's done and what's not done as time goes by (more cooks)...
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Thanks man. I had to pull it anyway because something came up. It was still good though!
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