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new to this game

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I live in Georgia been grilling for a while (backyard). I been looking at those pit masters cook off and though it would be fun to learn how to smoke. I price and look at a lot of lil smokers and settled with the Pecos. Any tips that would help me out. How to get started
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Welcome to the site!  Ask any questions you might have, it's hard to provide tips without questions.



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I didn't know how to start so I look at messages on here and most people say season your grill. I did that the highest I got was 450 for 30 minutes. Close the vent and got it 300+ for 3 maybe 4 hours was that good
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That should be seasoned.  It's just to burn the manufacturing oils and residue off the smoker.  Those temps should've worked fine.



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Thank you doing my first smoke tomorrow
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Welcome to the forum!


Good luck with your first smoke!



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