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Is it ever too early to crack open a beer? (Brisket attempt #2)

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13.25 # Brisket Restaurant Depot Superior Grade

Bent over nice, had some nice marbling but point weirdly longer/flatter than usual

20160617_200020.jpg 3799k .jpg file
First time trimming anything off of a brisket.

Trimmed hard fat all around and in between the point and flat leaving around 1/4" on the underside.

20160617_203442.jpg 3979k .jpg file

First time injecting (Been watchting Myron Mixon a bit lately). Used a canned Beef Stock Au Jus and mixed in some cayenne, chilli powder, cumin, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Injected with the grain, and all over my kitchen.

Put in a pan and plastic wrapped top and in the fridge overnight, about 9 hours.

Pulled out at 4 am to bring up to room temp.

20160618_062220.jpg 7161k .jpg file

5:00 Put Lump charcoal in my chimney starter on the grill.

515, drained the laying beef stock and patted down the brisket with paper towels.

Rubbed with some Olive oil and added my rub(Mainly Salt & Pepper with some cayenne, chili powder and garlic powder).
20160618_053821.jpg 4328k .jpg file

Got smoker up to temp (Roughly) First time using lump charcoal and this unit. Chargriller duo Gas/Charcoal grill with offset firebox.

550 Brisket on, trying to keep temperature at 275 this time.

20160618_055204.jpg 4423k .jpg file
605 Finally at the right temp

645 Still smoking away. Do I spritz it down with juice or anything or just let it ride?
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Maybe I missed it somewhere but I didn't see any mention of the beer being cracked? Lol!!!!
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That was a rhetorical question haha! And I realized that I didn't attach pics correctly on my first post
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It's 11:00 somewhere!
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Well, between 4-5 am it's just a late night of drinking. Other than that, if you have any type of fishing line in Any body of water you're good. And yes, a five gallon bucket qualifies as a body of water. Hope that brisket turns out great, looks like you're off to a great start!
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Brisket looks great!
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Looks like a great start!



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Turned out great! Got my first smoke ring on the brisket. Burnt ends were a little bit tougher than I wanted, but it's a step in the right direction. Happy smoking!
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Looks Excellent!
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Looks like a fine piece of meat there.
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