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Help!!! Smoking 4 pork butts, 5 pounds each

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Hello all, long time follower...first time poster.


Tomorrow afternoon I have about 40 people coming over for a BBQ.  I have 4, five pound pork butts and I will be using my Bradley Electric Smoker.  The problem is, its gonna be a tight squeeze in the smoker.  I can remove 2 racks and get two of the butts apiece on the remaining 2 racks, but it leaves absolutely no room in between the butts.  So my question is, should i treat this as if Im smoking 2 10 pound butts with regards to timing?  BBQ starts at 4pm and I was planning on putting the meat on at about 3am at 225 degrees.  Any advice would be appreciated as this is the first time ill be cooking for the inlaws!!  


Thanks, and I look forward to interacting with you all in the future!! 

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225° is correct, and no peaking! Agree the timing should be similar but the best way to know is to have a temp probe in each.  If not each then at least in one that is highest in the smoker (heat rises). Top rack might get done first. You are looking for an IT of 203°-ish to pull and then rest (wrapped in a cooler to maintain temp) for a minimum of 1 hour better if 2. This means they need to be done somewhere around 2pm to make room for the rest. If they are still in the middle of the 'stall' around noon you might consider double wrapping in foil and placing in the oven at 300°.  < if you have too, watch the IT closely.  Best to set the wrapped butts in an alum pan for the oven.





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Welcome from SC. It's really good to have you on this great site.

At 225*, your butts should be done around 1-2PM. That's a little long, but you put a 20# chunk of meat in the cooker at the beginning. You will probably see a stall at 150-160*. When that happens, wrap good in foil and add 1/3 to 1/2 cup of apple juice. The foil wil help to power through the stall. The apple juice will add help with flavor and moisture. The acidity will help with tenderness.

Remove from the smoker at 200-205* (the bone should come easily out of the meat) and rest in a cooler, wrapped in towels or a blanket for 1 hour. Pull the meat and serve.

Try not to peek any more than absolutely necessary. Good luck and enjoy. Joe
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Thanks for the insight! Sitting at 185 right now and cruising along nicely..started around midnight last night and on track to pull at about 430 or so! Really appreciate the help!
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AM, Post a pic of your finished products !

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