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Le Mans Weekend Pork Butt

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Doing my first pork butt with my new mailbox mod for the Le Mans 24 party we're having.

First test smoke of the pellets didn't go well so I foil taped all the ducts and added two small airflow holes in the mailbox door. Second time around we were good for 3 hours before I put it out.

I rubbed the butt last night with Chris Lilley's rub with the addition of some all-spice, coriander and a bit more cayenne and chili powder, smells really balanced. I'll be injecting it with his injection and rubbing again before popping it in tonight.

My maze came with a maverick so I'll be setting that up for the first time tonight as well.

Looking forward to some good q.
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Woah, I thought the 24 was next weekend.  Glad I saw this, I love endurance racing.  Looked at the entry list last month, forget much of it but I do remember seeing some interesting things from cars to driver lineups.


I am doing a pork butt on Sunday.  My new equipment is a remote thermometer.  Cannot wait!


Good luck on a good smoke!

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Used to go to Le Mans every year, went 15 years in a row!

Good luck with you cook!
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Sounds great!


Good luck with that butt!



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Got the bad boy injected and rubbed a second time. Shouldn't have rerubbed the bottom as I lost some off the top when flipping it post injection.

Fighting a bit of wind so I've had to rotate the smoker a bit, but here is my MES 30 and mailbox mod.

Got the pellets going and here we go.
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Lit the fire about 3am and watched the end of the race.  Very interesting stuff.  I am an Audi fan but felt bad for Toyota. Heartbreaker.


Loved my thermometer, so cool.  Nice to watch the progression of the internal temp.  I stalled in the high 170 low 180 range but powered through.


Ate then took a nap.  Time to heat up some more.




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Heartbreaker indeed. The pork was almost all devoured during the party. Photos won't upload from mobile will send them to the pc soon.
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