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Homemade stainless smoker

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I am looking to make a stainless smoker from scratch, my only question is what do I do for heating element and thermostat? I've read that you can use a PID controller and basically you wire your heating element to the controller and power to the PID?
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You can find heating elements at a number of sites



Unfortunately, most places sell them reference to the stove it was originally made for.


Here is a cross reference ,  use the box in the upper left corner to- scroll to later pages.   The first few pages list dimensions and model numbers, and the later pages give you the watts and volts. They all appear to be 240 volts, but I didn't check thoroughly.


Another option is to buy a replacement element from a smoker company like Masterbuilt, either from masterbuilt, or a third party

post #3 of 4 This the pid i used there are cheaper ones on e bay but this is more reliable and easier to wire. I used a 1200 watt hot plate from Walgree's been in the at least 5 years, wor 019.JPG 586k .JPG file great even in the winter.

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I have 3 Auber PID's for my two Big Chief smokers as well as my Masterbuilt  MES40 smoker.  Very easy to use.

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