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Pecans for Smoking

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Being a relative newbie to the Forums, I hope I am posting this in the right catagory.


My husband and I live in Utah and we live in an area that has LOTS of Pecan Trees!

Right now I have about 250 pounds of Pecans that I would like to sell if anyone wants some!


I have 1# bags already shelled sitting in my freezer. They are halves and pieces, 2015 crop. $15.00 per bag, Free Shipping.

I also have Pecans still in the shell.

If you would like some for Smokng, Baking, or just eating PLEASE PM me!



PitBulMom (Rachelle):smilie_flagge13: 

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Not much pecan here in Ohio, I wish I could work with it. I might PM you about buying nuts later.

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