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Midweek Vacation Smoke

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i am on an 8 day vacation and decided to do a little smokin. It's so relaxing to me. I enjoy it so much!!


I put on a Texas Size 14 pound brisket last night in my MES 40.  Used Jeff's Texas rub with mustard.





Ready to go on the smoker.




About 4 hours in. A little smokey!


Used Jeff's rib rub on St.Louis Spare ribs.




Full smoker!!




Ribs after2 hours in foil.



Put back on for 1 hour. Looking really tasty.



Who ever said you can't get crispy on a smoker.  Bacon Jalapenos.



Slicing the brisket.  So juicy. I did not wrap this time and the bark was so much more crisp.  I did 

wrap in towels for 2 hours and put them in an ice chest.




It still amazes me everytime I use the MES 40. EVERYTHING come out so moist.  Just look at the juices.



The finished product.  EXCELLENT result!!

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Everything looks delicious!
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I've got to get me an mes40. Food looks real good 👍👍
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That brisket looks delicious!


Everything you smoked looks fantastic!



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I am ready for another smoke!
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