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Greenhorn Smoker from SW MT

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Hey all! I'm from Belgrade, MT and the closest to smoking meat I've ever come was adding chips to the pan in my uncle's smoker he made out of an old fridge. This is all about to change. After years of struggling through the last packages of my game animals, I'm making a life change. A couple weeks ago I bought a used LEM big bite #8 and sent some of last fall's elk through there with some bacon. What have I been doing all these years? It is better than the burger I got at the store. My next task is to make some snack sticks. I'll likely be using a borrowed electric "little chieftain" to get started. I found this group when I did a Google search for a snack stick recipe and one of the threads showed up. It had all kinds of useful information and insight from some people who seemed to know what they were doing. Hopefully I can learn some new moves from you guys and someday if I get it figured out, I'll be able to help a rookie like me get on the right track.
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Hello, just joined myself, I am from near Glasgow,Mt, looks like a great place to learn some tips from experts!

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Welcome to SMF!  Y'all found the best site on the internet!  Good to have you with us.



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Glad to have you aboard!



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