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Read lots of people wrap. Figured I'd try it. Maybe not wrap next ones. Trial and error until I find what a like. Definitely not my last one
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That's a great idea - I will try the bags.

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Im putting mine on at 225 and let it cook till done - I will let you know. Its an 8#........

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8 1/2 hours later...clean bones.

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That looks like it turned out great.

So how did you do the sauce ? Sandwiches? Im making an East Carolina sauce for my butt tomorrow

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Looks good from here. Have any more pics of it.
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I serve it dry and let people pick there sauce. Made some Chipotle Guinness BBQ sauce that is amazing.
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First pork butts were a huge much so that now I am making two orders for the neighbors and making some money on the side.

Thanks for the input guys. I used parts and pieces for a huge success.
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Thanks for this info Joe. I am new to this as well. So as for the Apple Juice, do you set the Butt in foil then poor the half cup from the top letting it run down the sides of the Butt I suppose?


Thanks in advance!

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How many hours in did you wrap and what temp did you cook at? Did you raise your temp after wrapping to get past the stall?

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I put mine on at 225 - and 12 hrs later - IT of 171 and still had 4 hrs to go.

So what I did was take it off and throw it in the crock pot the next day. I made a vinegar / tabasco-like sauce for it - it turned out great. NExt time - 275.....

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They were wrapped about 4 hours. I raised the temp from 225 to 250 for about four hours.

As for the apple juice...I wrapped 3/4 of the butt, leaving the top open. Then stood it on end, poured in the apple juice and then closed completely.
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