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First UDS run

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Ok, first run with the new UDS was a success. Did 3 racks of baby backs and a bunch of chicken thighs. All was great except my rub(s). My family likes more of a sweet rub for the ribs. I never seem to get it right. All of the ones I have used, including the rub from yesterday all have too much pepper in them. Now I am a huge fan of pepper, but it was a bit too much for me as well. Does anyone care to share their sweeter rub? My chicken I brined for a couple of hours prior using and also using their suggested rub. Way too much salt. The chicken I but closer to the fire so I could keep the ribs at 225. The thighs came out juicy, just too salty. Help....

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Have you tried Jeff's rub?


It's a good rub on it's own & can be easily adjusted to suit your taste.


Also some of the proceeds go to keep this site running.



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Looking at the recipe for the brine and the rub there's nothing out of the ordinary in the amounts of salt used. I typically feel that if you are going to brine, then salt isn't needed in the rub.

I don't brine very often and I keep the rub simple.
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