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I bought a MES 30, but just can't stop thinking about the old ECB. I bought a second for parts shortly before I got the MES. Now they just sit there taking up space, I thought I could save space and stack them. Then thought, what's to keep me from using it that way ?

 A search on here showed this was not an original nor entirely bad thought.

 Still couldn't quite let it go there. This is going to leave me with a spare lid. Hmmmm.... If I convert the thermometer hole of one lid to a vent and put that lid upside down on bottom, a grate set in it with a drilled out pan or homemade charoal basket, I've essentially got a WSM clone for dirt cheap. I will have to come up with another set of legs for the lid, but I think this may be worth exploring. Bonus is If I do it right, I can easily separate and use one if not both over a turkey fryer as a gasser.