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Second jerky run on WSM w/pics

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It's too beautiful here in the midwest not to fire up the smoker so I decided on beef jerky.  I did a trial run about a month ago and it came out pretty good but I learned a few things and wanted to take a second run at it.  I bought a 2.5lbs Top round and sliced as close to 1/4" thick strip as I could (against the grain).  Cut everything up and went with a spicy marinade (I'll post later) and threw everything in the fridge overnight.  I also added a couple extra washers behind the grill straps yesterday as I almost had a tragedy during a chicken smoke a couple months back, it seems to have done the trick.  I'm waiting for the WSM to come up to temp now but thought I would post some pics up to now.  I'll update as the smoke progresses.  Happy Sunday everyone!


Not pictured: Diced jalepeno and vinegar.


Sliced and ready for marinade.



Starting with 7 lit Kingsford blue briquettes and a modified Minion method as my last smoke ran a little hot.  I will admit it's coming up to temp slower than I hoped but I'm also very impatient.

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Looking good! B

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I'm in! Looking good!
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OK, you got my attention...

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How did it turn out?



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Happy Monday!  I didn't get a chance to finish this post yesterday so I wanted to follow up.  The marinade I used was a combination of a couple different recipes I found online.  I'm trying to get jerky that is initially sweet but has a nice spicy "follow-up".  My first attempt had the sweet up front taste but that was it.  This batch didn't have much of the sweet up front, but man would it kick you in the taste buds after about 30 seconds.  I really like it and so did the wife.  Here's what I used:


1/2 c Worcestershire
1/2 c Soy Sauce
1/4 c Water

1/4 apple cider vinegar
1/4 c Brown Sugar
1 Jalepno with seed diced
3 tbsp Red Chilli Pepper Flakes
1 tbsp Cayene Pepper Powder
1 tbsp Chilli Powder
1 tbsp Onion Powder
1 tbsp Garlic Powder
1 tbsp Ground Black Pepper


I simmered everything with the idea that it would infuse some of the heat from the Jalepeno.  No finished product pictures, but here's a couple.  The first is about an hour in; I kept the smoke rolling strong for the first three hours and kept the temp at 175° average for the first 5 hours.  Kicked the temp up 10° for the last hour.


1 hour in:


3 hours in:



Sorry my stupid foot ended up in every photo, my apologies.  


Total cook time was 6 hours and finished product was delicious!


Now to find the perfect match of sweet and spicy, I look forward to the search and subsequent cooks.


Have a great week everyone!

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